Published Poems


13th Moon – A Secret Life


Aries – A Change of Mind, Among Strangers, Can Water Be Your Friend? He Returns, Life as Myth – A Legacy, Roberta, We Take Ourselves With Us


Artisan Journal – Champagne Effect


Blind Man’s Rainbow – Obsession, The “I” in Berry and Stone 

Calyx – Called Out

Coal City Review –  Bodies of Water, But When and How, Home Sweet Home, Negative Space


Comstock Review – The Prompt

Freefall – Elephant Memories, Halfway Home, Mother’s Closet, The Bath

Hidden Oak – Ballroom Lessons, The “I Don’t Know” Place


Illya’s Honey – A Brother's Strokes, A Change in the Weather, All in a Day in New York City,  Bone of Contention (nominated for the Pushcart Prize), Call Back, December Sugar, Entwined, Fabrication, Flight Plan, Habitat, I Always Cry at Weddings (nominated for the Pushcart Prize), In Transition, It Was My Idea, Just a Few More Steps, My Father’s Voice, Only Practice, Power Outage, Putting the Puzzle Together, Taking a Drive, Tawny, The Necklace, The Offering, Up and Along the Continental Divide


Kalliope – Sleep Ritual

Karamu/Bluestem – Divining the Dark, Over Wire

Listening Eye – Dragonfly, Rocking a Newborn to Sleep, The Watershed 

Main Street Rag – A Parting Gift, At the Airport Gate, Butterfly, Drowned, Face Paint, Getting Down to Basics, Grandmother’s Cactus, Humbled, I Need to Remember This, In Utero, Limelight and Smooth, Nocturnal, The Exact Hour, The Model and Her Artist

Margie Review – The Accident

Mountain Gazette  Recognition, The Sense of Cents, Touch Is the Last to Go, Trying to Get It Right

Mudfish – Drought’s End, Family Reunion, Imagining Is Becoming, Untouchable

Old Red Kimono –  Among the Ruins, Conflagrations, Rewriting History, The Order of Things

Oyster Boy Review – In a Garden by the Sea


Pearl – And What of Humor, Kubler-Ross?


Pegasus – Into This Quiet Forest, Traces


Pinyon Review – Hoo-Doos in Bryce Canyon, Our Urban Forest, Spring Snow in the Forecast


Plainsongs – Address Book,  Hers Is a Plea for Nothingness, I Can’t Stop Thinking About the Dog, Reversal, The Journey, The Largest Bighorn Ram in Colorado Has Died 

Poem – A Charm of Hummingbirds, An Affinity for Place, Day Turns into Night, Dreaming of Oblivion, Edge of Empathy, He Had Long Since Given Up, The Many Ways to Break, The Knowing

Poetry Depth Quarterly – Listening to Seeger/Reading Keen, Proceeding to the Exquisite, Seized

Pralaton/Parnassus Literary Journal – Harney’s Pond, Piece of Pompeii, The Stranger

Praxis – Eve Speaks, She Sits Across from Me, The Lure of Clay, The Reading, Two Women in Sarajevo

Roanoke Review – Laughter Really is Carbonated Holiness

Room of One’s Own – The Bear in Winter, The Rose Bush

Slant – And Why Not, Believing Is Seeing, Converting to Horse, Eden Before Knowing, Gone Awry, If Your Suitcase Could Talk, It Would Say,  Rousing the Sleeping Serpent, Wistful

Slipstream  Cosmology of the Body, Ghost

Small Ponds – Consolation

Snowy Egret  – How Did We Get Here?  The Architecture of Place, Urban Wild

Sow’s Ear – Hotel Tropic, A Mother Grieving (The Flood)

Tiger’s Eye – Seeing Stars, Skating Lesson, Still Life with Horse, Taking a Ghost for a Drive, The Heart’s Debris, This Love of the Land


Timber Creek Review – Form


Tribeca Review – Tattoo, Two Little Words, White Supremacist Executed for Dragging Death,

Word Play  


White Pelican Review – Charm, Revisioning, The Blue Jar, The City Forester Said It Is Not Native, Totem


Wild Violet – Leap Away, Making Safe to Tell


Words of Wisdom – Snowblind


Zillah – On Account of Night