Musings #3


after Abundance, painted by Chuck Ceraso

She could resist the still lifes

of fruit painted plum, true red,

and zesty lemon. But in one –

the artist had set a statue of a horse

among the fruit and flowers

blooming in a blue vase.

The warm light falling just so evokes

memories of the Aegean, Bucephalus,

the great Greek’s war horse, and plentiful love.

Craving overtakes her.

Discontented now,

she has to possess this.

But where would she hang it?

Next to its vibrancy, everything else

in the house looks dated,

in need of a fresh coat of paint.

Above the bed? In the night,

the horse would come to her.

She’d stroke his muscled shoulders,

taste the pulp and juice, fragrant

petals falling on her cheeks and breasts –

and never be able to get to sleep.