Musings #50 - A Week of Poetry Readings

It’s been a busy week of poetry readings for me – scheduled before I tripped and fractured my patella, leaving me with a new fashion accessory post–surgery, a full leg brace for 4-5 months. But it never occurred to me to postpone the readings.

Because SHRINKING INTO INFINITE SKY chronicles my journey with my dear mother-in-law, Gerri, during her last four years of life – bedridden, in a nursing home, wanting to die, I was invited to read at TRUCare Hospice in Lafayette. Talk about a receptive audience, familiar with what is described in the poems. I was heartened that they were glad to hear about the end of life stages from a family caregiver, and admired my honesty in conveying the full range of emotions both Gerri and I felt along the way.

Next was a reading on the Hill in Boulder, at the Innisfree Poetry Bookstore. Only a few (three to be exact) young adults came. Two are creative writing majors and one was a non-writer friend of one. The three made an attentive intimate audience. At the end, I noticed that Dylan, the friend, was wiping his eyes. After I finished with Air Hunger and At Last, the last poems in SHRINKING, I sat with these young people and heard their stories and aspirations. Dylan (still teary) said the poems vividly conveyed what his mother and grandmother went through in caring for his great-grandmother in the several years before she finally died. What more could I ask for?

Lastly, I was honored to be included with Carolyn Jennings and Valerie Svarek to read at the International Women’s Day celebration at the Creative Life Center of St. Ambrose Church. Each of us read poems depicting the roles and experiences of women in their lives and around the world. Each of us has her own style of expression and each was moving and powerful in her own way. Thanks to the Creative Life Center hosts for orchestrating such a wonderful celebration.

Now I’ll rest up and let my leg heal some more, before two readings scheduled in April. Check Events. And stay tuned.